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The Sennheiser HD600 is still, to this day, the best sounding all-rounder headphones I have tried under $300. They have a neutral sound profile, without being too analytical. They are extremely comfortable, easy to repair and maintain, and not so hard to drive. They are genre-master and would only be average on tracks with loudness in the sub-bass.
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Efficiency of HD600 is 97dB/mW. Might be a mistake. I asked whether Sennheiser had discontinued the HD 600 or whether Sonic Electronix was no longer stocking them.

6.3mmケーブルと4.4mmバランス接続用ケーブル、6.3mm→3.5mm変換ケーブル、元箱が付属します。 今年の1月にeイヤホン店頭にて購入した物です。 ワイヤレスに移行するため出品します。 状態は写真の通りで、右側メッシュ部のロゴマークが一部剥がれておりイヤパッドに使用感あります。使用に.
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  • Sennheiser HD600/650 Foam Net Pad. 24. ... After the fastest delivery from Thomann I can remember (I ordered the Foam Net Pads as a replacement for my HD600s along HD650 cable and Headline Pad which I highly recommend), in less than a
  • HD600 Sennheiser HD600,Sennheiser HD600 v.s. HD650 [Battle of the legends],Sennheiser HD 600 ,Sennheiser HD 600 ... worth the extra? : r/headphones,Sennheiser HD600 headphones on FABIAN. ,Sennheiser HD 600Thomann United States,,1997/1998 Sennheiser hd600 : r/BuyItForLife,Sennheiser HD 600 Over the Ear Headphones - Black for sale online ...
  • 】 ゼンハイザー HD650 ヘッドフォン 家電・スマホ ,Sennheiser HD600 vs HD650: Pros & Cons and Verdict,Sennheiser HD650 review ,Sennheiser(ゼンハイザー) HD650の周波数・位相特性を測ってみました ,Apos Flow Headphone Cable for [Sennheiser] HD650 / HD600 / HD580 ,Rupert Neve Designs Headphone Amplifier + Sennheiser HD650 ,新素材新作 ヘッドフォン ...
  • Foam Net Pad For HD 600/650 headphones, Sennheiser no. 586410 , Colour: Black, Height 10.5 cm, width 8 cm, Included in delivery: 1 unit